Check out this article about the great Steve Jobs!!!


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Already having a blessed Christmas!!!!

So, its two days or so from Christmas day and I already have gotten some sweet Christmas presents from my brother David and his wife Stephanie. Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell The Secret Message of Jesus by Brian McLaren Generous Orthodoxy by Brian McLaren AWESOMENESS!!!

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I am so happy that you have decided to visit my weblog! My name is Brad and I am a 24 year old college senior attending Texas A&M University-Commerce to study for a Bachelors in Marketing Management. I love Jesus will all my heart and I love to share that love with others. The Love of Christ is something so awesome that you love to have it but you love to share even more. I encourage you to read my vision statement so you can truly understand what God has been doing to my heart to make me blog about “Kingdom Here.” Please feel free to email me @ and I will gladly chat with you the awesome wonders of God! God Bless! Remember Jesus Loves You!

In Him,

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